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The English Ambassador Programme is to encourage students to interact in English, whether that be in the form of presentations to the school in assemblies, assisting younger students in English Café activities, providing services in English at school-wide events or speaking English around the school during lunchtime. Ambassadors this year have been invaluable assets to the English Department.

The year started with ambassadors introducing themselves in assembly and giving information about their English journeys, especially how and why they learn English. Younger students and students who are reluctant to interact in English benefitted from this presentation, as it was inspiring to see their peers confidently express themselves in English in front of the whole student body. Different ambassadors presented in all English assemblies throughout the year. Presentations included, poetry recitals, mini drama productions, relaying information and compering assemblies.

Ambassadors also utilised their skills in The English Café. The café is held at lunchtime for form one and two students. Ambassadors worked on a rotation basis and assisted once a week, acting as tutors and role models for the younger students. These kinds of interactions between the year groups enable younger students to see how effort and hard work pays off when learning a language. They are able to imagine themselves speaking English to the same level of the older students, in the future. It is also great for the ambassadors to practice their skills and to build their confidence in communicating in English.

English Ambassadors are needed during school wide events, such as Open Day. These events provide information to the public in the way of tours and activities. This year ambassadors showed parents around the English Corner explaining activities, events and programmes which the department conducts. They also recited poems and prose from the Hong Kong Speech Festival. Other duties performed by the ambassadors included explaining to and assisting primary school students and their parents with English games and entertainment. Once again this provides ambassadors the opportunity to build their skills and confidence to communicate with others in English.

As the NET in the school I am grateful and thankful to have the support of the English Ambassadors. Contrary to what some may believe, the most important asset for an English Ambassador is not English ability, instead it is the ability to try hard and to make an effort. To be an English Ambassador all you need is the desire to communicate in English and the persistence to keep trying. No matter what English level an English Ambassador starts at, by the end of their time with consistent effort their English level will improve as well as their confidence to communicate. Steady improvement in my opinion is the key to success.

Sarah Papali'i


Owing to social unrest, our annual School Open Day was postponed to 7 December 2019. Despite the difficult time, our school still provided the best programmes for our honourable visitors on the day.

In our English Corner, we showcased our students' masterpieces – their model writing extracts and handmade tiles decorated with artistic calligraphy were on display. 

Another highlight in the English Corner was the new members of our English Department – Talkbo robots with artificial intelligence (A.I.). Having nice chats with the robots, our visitors experienced how technology elevates our experience when learning English. 

The tour of exploring how well students learn English at our school did not end when the visitors stepped out of the English Corner. On the basketball court, we set up a game booth providing visitors with a genuine experience of learning English through virtual reality (VR). With a VR handset, all visitors not only listened to a lively narration about a trip to conserve wildlife at Hong Kong Ocean Park which was presented by a group of our F.1 students, but they also played mini-games with wild animals.

We sincerely hope that our students will continue to unleash their potential and provide more ways to amaze our guests at our Open Day next year.

Spending a relaxing afternoon in the theatre, a group of students truly appreciated the chance to watch the amazing musical Man in the Mirror. The activity, which was jointly organized by the English Interest Group and Drama Interest Group on 6th December, was well-received by the participants. It is an original story inspired by Michael Jackson's songs and dance moves. The passionate artists, the familiar songs, the fascinating choreography and the amazing stage effects have all left a strong impression on the students. They are eager to watch more great performances like this in the future!

​Let's give all participants in the 71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival a round of applause! The lunchtime practices, after-school meetings, as well as the self-initiated extra rehearsals with their peers all contributed to the satisfactory performances in the competitions. 

Apart from taking part in solo verse speaking, some new blood decided to challenge themselves in other categories, namely the prose reading and dramatic duologue. In prose reading, students had to analyze the text carefully and 'read' according to the characters and development of the plot. The dramatic duologue was even more challenging as students had to act out a selected scene in front of an audience. The chemistry and dynamic between the boys won them third place. On the other hand, although the girls did not place, they have been inspired to participate next year and will endeavour to use the skills and knowledge they learned this year in their future performances. What a wonderful experience for all of them!

Undoubtedly, joining the competition has not only broadened their horizons, but also created precious memories from their school life. See you again next year. You are always welcome to join these enthusiastic language learners!

One of the highlights of English Week is the Story Telling Competition and it was extremely well-received, once again. On 10th April 2019, 20 primary 4 and 5 students from 5 primary schools were invited to the Story Telling Competition. Through their active participation for and during the competition, not only did they sharpen their speaking skills and build their confidence in public presentations, but they also learned by observing the efforts of their peers. After the semi-final session, 5 contestants from primary 4 and primary 5 were selected for the final round. BSHLMC junior form students were the audience and they were treated with dramatic performances from the younger students. The competition was a success at showcasing storytelling and English abilities for both the visiting schools and our own students.

The English Department launched the Reading Smart Programme where all smart readers of the school were invited to have regular book sharing sessions during English lessons, recess and the English morning assemblies. Students presented their enjoyable reading experiences and learned from what their peers were reading as well. 

During English Week, besides the regular sharing sessions by the students, English teachers shared some well-known books in the library. Students were engaged in listening to their teachers’ sharing about their favourite books and book memories. Many of them even borrowed the books immediately after their teachers’ recommendations.

The English Department chose some of our favourite books to share with students during English Week. The books were displayed in the school library and students were encouraged to go and see the books and also to read what we had written about the ones we chose. There was a wide variety of titles to choose from, including childhood classics like, Tin Tin, new age feel good books like, Tuesdays With Morrie and The Art of Gratitude, as well as new young fiction, such as The Crossover and Wonder. 


A bonus of the display was a quick and easy quiz competition about the books. This book promotion was beneficial for students so that they could see what we teachers like to read and also what we think they will enjoy.

The main activity in the English Café during English Week was Dedicated to Gratitude. Students thought of someone in their family who they are grateful for and they made them a ‘box of kisses’. The students chose origami paper from a wide selection of colourful prints and then followed instructions on how to construct a box. Chocolates were placed in the handmade box and students chose ribbon and made gift tags to attach to the boxes. Heartfelt messages of love and thanks were handwritten on the tags. Students left the English Café with a sense of accomplishment and their beautiful boxes of kisses.

Students were also able to participate in a variety of board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly during the lunch break. This relaxed ambience provided our students with an authentic situation to practise their language and social skills.

The Visual Arts Department and the English Department co-organized a Calligraphy Workshop. In the workshop, students chose an inspirational quote and wrote it on a ceramic tile. They had a taste of brush calligraphy combined with English language arts. Their beautifully decorated tiles brightened their loved ones and showed them how grateful they were to have them in their lives.

“How many cookies could a good cook cook if a good cook could cook cookies…”

Is your tongue twisted? Just relax and try again! Under the guidance of our NET Ms. PAPALI’I in the tongue twister competition held on the 12th April during the senior form assembly, the contestants from each house plucked up the courage to read beginner, intermediate or advanced level tongue twisters as fast as they could. Their brilliant performances won much applause from the audience.

The intensity of the inter-house competition reached its peak in the second round where three representatives from each house were selected to answer questions in a quiz.

With the highest score of 170 marks, Yellow House finally won the overall championship and the House Captain Ann Shum received the grand prize from Ms. PAPALI’I.  Congratulations!

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